Monday, May 11, 2009

Adios Filadelfia.

After much anticipation, planning, and many goodbyes, I am now leaving for the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. Ready or not.

Today, May 11th, is my birthday and tomorrow I will embark on this new journey. Only time will tell how this assignment affects my world view, my Spanish tongue, and my future--both personal and professional. I hope for safety, good health, learning, and a whole mess of new culture! I hope that I will have the strength, wisdom, and humility necessary to affect positive change in my new community. I will miss my friends and family; Tiffany most of all. Thank you to everyone who has supported my dream of serving abroad. Best wishes and lots of love to all! Now I will have a completely new environment in which to make my Seinfeld-esque social observations. Ciao!


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  2. "Nothing's ever going to be the same again....... you're out there now"

    "I'm aware Kuch"

    "We got to go for all the answers......Vision Quest man..."

    "I don't even know the questions"

    "You don't have too....."

  3. I'll miss u man! have fun and stay well.