Monday, January 25, 2010

estamos en la temporada, estamos en 2010

Many interesting, beneficial, and sustainable projects will hopefully develop in my community throughout 2010.  Right now everyone is concerned with picking coffee, the primary cash crop of my area in Nicaragua.  I wish all the families the best in their endevours, although I read in the local newspaper today that cafĂ© exports have dropped some 13% compared to this time last year.

Summer has arrived here and it seems to be getting a bit hotter, although my mountainous climate is quite moderate.  It is definitely drier though...I'm wondering if the current beans planted all over the hillsides are getting enough agua.

Some days are super frustrating, but then there are simple things like buying bananas straight from the bunch in which they grow...that will always be with me as a neat experience.

In the coming days I hope to finalize a "tour" of the coffee process from tree to taza (cup) and I will post this tour on my blog.